Chain of Fools

Welcome to Chain of Fools

Chain of Fools

Welcome to Chain of Fools


Let us introduce ourselves

The Chain of Fools - The Band

Chain of Fools is comprised of  talented and experienced local musicians with a shared goal of providing compelling entertainment for local venues, corporate events, weddings and other private gatherings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Billy Eisner:  Vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, saxophone. Billy brings consummate musicianship and inspiration to the group.  A veteran of several South Bay bands, Billy’s leadership sparked the interest in joining the core members of the band together several years ago.  

Fletcher Baker:  Vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica.  Fletcher shares his musical passion for a variety of styles as a lead vocalist while locking in the groove on his Eastman hollow body electric guitar.  Fletcher augments the repertoire with the addition of harmonica and backing vocal harmonies.  

Judd Murkland:  Vocals, electric bass. Judd provides lead and harmony vocals while laying down intricate and melodic bass lines. Judd’s natural wit and charm shine when performing and whenever he has a chance to share announcements between songs.

Kevin Coggins:   Drum set. Kevin supplies the backbone and powerful beat that drives this ensemble through the myriad range of song styles the Chain of Fools has become known for. “Mr. C.”, as the band affectionately calls him, brings a wealth of musical training and performance experience that suits the diverse range of genres, variety of tempos and crafted dynamics that the Chain of Fools delivers during every performance.

The History


     Beginning early in 2013, a group of friends began practicing in a converted garage studio in Willow Glen. By the end of 2014, Billy Eisner, Fletcher Baker and Judd Murkland found they shared a great love of singing and enhancing standard Rock and Roll cover songs by creating unusual vocal arrangements. They placed extended focus on developing interesting vocal harmonies and arrangements, for terrific but less commonly played popular songs from a variety of musical genres. All three musicians enjoyed refining their ability to make compelling vocal music together and began performing in local music venues, hiring additional musicians to fill out the band.  Billy, Fletcher and Judd found that Kevin Coggins’ drumming brought energy and synergy to the music that was obvious to the musicians and the audience as well. Kevin joined the band in 2017.

The Sound


      This fun and exciting band is dedicated to continual improvement with focus on sweet, well-orchestrated vocal harmonies and a diverse repertoire.  They breathe life into forgotten gems and deep tracks. The range of song selection and professional control of volume and dynamics is suitable for festivals, dance clubs, corporate events, weddings and any size of a sit down and listen venue. From Classic Rock to Country, Blues to Blue-grass, Tangos to Torch Songs, Soft Rock and Easy Listening; cover songs by the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, The Cars, Elton John, ZZ Top, Tom Petty… the song list is over 150 to date and new songs are added during every rehearsal.  

The Scene

The band Chain of Fools can be seen throughout the greater South Bay Area at dine and dance clubs, wineries, wine bars and local festivals; other events are private and not open to the public. Chain of Fools is available to hire for corporate events, private parties and weddings.  You’ll find upcoming events on our Calendar link above. You can see and hear a little of the band by clicking on other links above, or, please, come down to check out the Chain of Fools in person! 

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